Samuel Jones: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

The Larghetto is a gorgeous essay on lyricism … The finale is a whirlwind, with passion intensely burning. The music itself is solidly constructed, accessible and exploits dissonance for dramatic effect… [it’s] clear that the piece is a winner for both violinist and composer.

–Tim Lindeman, News & Record

Jonathan Leshnoff: Chamber Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Leshnoff’s heartfelt and generously communicative “Chamber Concerto for Violin and Orchestra” … was an enormously worthwhile two-part piece … [it] combined a freshness and crowd-pleasing consonance with unexpected turns of melodic and harmonic direction.

–Harvey Steiman, The Aspen Times

Melinda Wagner: Proceed, Moon

There is childlike wonder in [“Proceed, Moon”], the vigorous gestures of an imagination without pretense…bumps of surprise, eruptions of extravagance, layers of delicacy, even what one might call celestial crickets. Wagner’s writing is confident…

–Nancy Malitz, Chicago on the Aisle

Martin Bresnick: Passions of Bloom: Whitman, Melville, Dickinson

…exemplifies the mind’s intense attachment and attention to the written word in its most fervent and deeply American uses. …the quality of the lines incorporated, and the distinct tones and musical interplay of the different sections, makes for a riveting listening experience.

–Donald Brown, New Haven Review