Southern Scenes

For Flute, Pipa, and Orchestra

Premiere: January 8, 2018. Linda Chatterton, flute, Gao Hong, pipa, Honolulu Symphony, JoAnn Falletta, conductor; Honolulu, HI.
Symphony No. 6 (“Three Places in the East”)

For Wind Ensemble
Orchestration: Picc. 2Fl. 2Ob. E.H. EbCl. 3Cl. B.Cl. Cb.Cl. 2Bsn. Cbsn. – S.Sax A.Sax. T.Sax. B.Sax. – 4Hn. 4Tpt. 2Tbn. B.Tbn. Euph. Tba.; D.B. Pno. Timp. 5Perc.
Commission: A consortium commission, including the University of Georgia at Athens.
Premiere: September 20, 2017. UGA Wind Symphony, Jaclyn Hartenberger, conductor; Hodgson Hall, Athens, GA.
Movements: I. Everglades (“River of Grass”)
II. Great Smoky Mountains
III. Arcadia
Celestial Bodies

For Three C Flutes and Alto Flute
Commission: Commissioned by Mary Kay Fink in Memory of Philip Dikeman
Premiere: August 13, 2017. 45th Annual National Flute Association Convention; Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN.
Court Dances

For Flute and Piano
Commission: Commissioned by a consortium of 57 flutists, organized by flutist Cobus du Toit.
Premiere: August 13, 2017. Cobus du Toit, flute, Amanda Harberg, piano; 45th Annual National Flute Association Convention; Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN.
Movements: I. Topspin
II. Air de Cour
III. Match Point
List of Consortium Commissioners:
Asako Arai
Claudia Anderson
Christine Erlander Beard
Bel Canto Flute Academy
Danielle Breisach
Cindy Anne Broz
Elizabeth Buck
Jenny Cline
Sheryl Cohen
Cady Coleman
Julietta Curenton
Monica Daniel-Barker
Susan Davis
Michelle Demko
James Donahue
Penny Douglas
Brian Dunbar
Cobus du Toit
Katherine Emeneth
Jill Felber
Janet Fitchuk
Brad Garner
Lisa Garner Santa
Eileen Grycky
Paula Gudmundson
Christine Gustafson
Kristin Hayes
Lois Bliss Herbine
Kim Hickey
Emily Kaplan
Jennifer Keeney
Robert Langevin
Stephen Lee
Eric Leise
Nadine Luke
Carolyn May
James Miller
Mary Beth Norris
September Payne
George Pope
Gretchen Pusch
Karen Johnson
Lucian Rinando
Beth Ross Buckley
Geri Rotella-Rotter
Silver Flight Ensembles and Foundation
Laura Schulkind
Nickolas Stavros
Kate Steinbeck
Wendy Stern
Julie Duncan Thornton
Phiroze Titina
Megan Trach
Jim Walker
Susan Waller
Mila M. Weiss
Tammy Evans Yonce
Alan Zaring
Legends of Olympus

For Brass Quintet
Commission: Commissioned by the Gaudete Brass Quintet
Premiere: Gaudete Brass Quintet
Movements 2, 3 and 4 – October 8, 2016; Ear Taxi Festival; Chicago, IL.
Movement 5 – July 28, 2017; Curtis Hall, Chicago, IL.
Notice: Gaudete Brass Quintet has exclusive performance rights for movements 2-4 until 12/15/17 and sole recording rights until 6/15/18; for movement 5, they have exclusive performance rights until 3/11/19 and sole recording rights until 9/11/19.

Movement 1, “Helios,” is available for performance and can be purchased HERE.

Program Note:
In ancient Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is the dwelling place of the gods and goddesses. Legends of Olympus depicts five of these deities.

Helios is the god of the sun. With his head wreathed in light, he drives a chariot drawn by four horses across the sky each day. In some tales, these horses are winged; in others, they are made of fire. At the end of each day’s journey, Helios sleeps in a golden boat that carries him on the Okeanos River, a fresh water stream that encircled the flat earth. Before dawn, the boat brings him back to his palace on Mount Olympus to collect his horses and chariot, and start the journey again.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born from the sea and brought ashore on a wave of foam. She carries herself with the regal bearing of a queen. Each year, her beauty is replenished when she dives into the sea once more.

Hermes was a merry and mischievous young god with a sharp wit. Zeus, his father, designated Hermes as the messenger between the inhabitants of Olympus and the people on earth. Hermes goes about his errands wearing golden shoes and cap, both adorned by a pair of wings.

Apollo is the god of music. His brother, Hermes, once played a trick on him by stealing all of Apollo’s cows. To appease Apollo’s anger, Hermes crafted a golden lyre. Apollo was so entranced with this stringed instrument that he traded his entire herd of cows to Hermes for it. In this movement, we hear Apollo picking up his lyre for the first time and strumming it. The brass quintet serves as the lyre, working together to represent the instrument.

Dionysus is the god of wine and revelry. In this movement, he arrives at a party bearing wine, which gets progressively wilder as the partiers drink and dance the night away.

Gaudete Brass Quintet originally commissioned Helios in 2011, and subsequently commissioned the rest of the piece.